Consortium Membership

The important aspect of the membership is our ability to define a mutually beneficial relationship with industries and institutions for integrated, sustainable, practical and cost-effective 'Technolutions'. This is done through various R&D programmes, consultancy, services and projects, which are jointly taken up. Membership to the consortium is open in four categories:

1.  Institutes - Academic, R&D and Training
2.  Industries - LSI, MSI, SSI
3.  Professionals-Scientist, Engineers, Managers, Quality professionals and
4.  Students
Benefits of Membership
*  Concession in the service charges
*  Free circulated of "The Consortium Communique
*  Technical Training to students & Technicians
*  Seminars/Workshop/Conference
*   Technical Consultancy
*  Umbrella Services Facility
*  Joint Projects on mutual interest
*  Infrastructure development of both partners
*  Techno-economic studies on various project
*  Information Services
*  ISO/NABL consultancy
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