Summary of Pojects implemented by NRTC

Sr. No. Title of Project Project Cost
(in lakhs)
Duration Sponsoring Agency
1. Characterization of Spider wheel Carrier Head Used in TV Picture Tube manufacturing Industries 0.50 Six months
JCT, Mohali (Pb)
2. Develoipment of Hydrogen Annealing Furance 4.00 Two years
MDPL, Parwanoo
3. Feasibility study of SHS Technology 0.50 Six months
Cosmo Fertrites, Jabli (HP)
4. Precision Temperature Calibration System (PTCS) 7.80 Four years
DST, New Delhi
5. Modeling of Automobile Filter Media 12.00 Four years
PIL, Gurgaon (HR)
6. Development of Scientific Software for Soot Related Engine Oil Thickening 4.50 Two years
IOC, R&D Center, Faridabad (HR)
7. Development and Characterisation of Magnetic Materials for Audio Recording Applications 55.56 Three Years
DST, New Delhi
8. Development of High Temperature Calibration System 13.31 Two Years
DST, New Delhi
9. Controlled Atmospheric Instrumentation for Longer Shelf-Life of Apples 22.26 Two Years
IDP, DST, New Delhi
10. Improvisation of Indigenous Soft Magnetic Material (Supra-50) for specific applications 0.60 Three Months
PA Pinions Dharampur (HP)
11. Efficiency study of Briquetting Equiopment used for conversion of pine needles or forests waste biomass into briquettes 0.85 One Year 
SCSTE&E, Shimla
12. Development of Annealing Furnace for Permalloy watch components 6.00 One Year 
Purewal & Associates Ltd., Jubber, Solan
13. Custom built Salt Bath Furnace 0.90 Three Monts
PA Times Industries Dharampur (HP)
14. Collection of R&D Data Base of Industries 0.10 One Year 
SCSTE&E, Shimla
15. Data Bank of industrial expansion of industries in Himachal Pradesh 0.35 Six Months
IIHS, HP Univ., Shimla (HP)
16. Heat Transfer Profile of Fin and Tube assembly of Solar Absorber 0.30 Two Months
Solchrome Systems India Ltd, Parwanoo (HP)
17. Comparative study of our newly designed commercial Real Gas Oven (Tandoor) with Traditional Tandoor 0.21 One Months
Jain Enterprises, Chandigarh
18. Testing of Motor Bike Frame Assembly for Water Resistance 0.50 One Months
Shreen Swarnam Design Concepts Pvt. Ltd., Solan
19. Setting up of Testing Centre for Standardisation & Quality Services in Parwanoo 65.00 Two years
MSME, New Delhi & Deptt of Industries, H.P
20. Up-scaling of lab model CA Cold storage system to pilot model for increasing the shelf life of apples 25.93 Three Years
DST, New Delhi
21. Capacity Building of Technical Personnel for Industrial Cluster in Northern India 6.50 One Year
IDP, DST, New Delhi
22. Quality Certification & Accreditation by NABL to Centre for Analysis, Calibration and Testing 5.00 One Year
Deptt. of Industries, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh
23. Estimation of E-Waste Generation in H.P 2.10 Six months
HP State Pollution Control Board, Shimla
24. Quality Certification & Accreditation of the Common Testing Centre in Household and Electrical Appliances 9.31 One Year
SCSTE&E, Shimla
25. Setting up of Safety Testing Laboratory for Evaluation the Quality of Electronics and Information Technology goods as per Indian Safety Standards. 140.27 Four Year
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, GOI
26. Role of Measurement Science in achieving the accuracy in Research 9.90 Two years
Department of Environment, Science & Techonology, Shimla