Centre for Analysis, Calibration and Testing ( C-ACT )

NRTC is running the centre – “Centre for Analysis, Calibration and Testing (C-ACT)” for providing services to industries in the field of Mechanical, Thermal, Electro-technical Calibration and Electrical and Electronic Testing of products in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. The centre “NRTC (C-ACT)” is fully equipped facility with high accuracy measuring instruments & trained personnel to provide calibration & testing services. The Calibration & Testing Laboratories are accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), QCI, Govt. of India vide certificate no. CC-2430, TC-5689. The Testing laboratories are also recognised by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) vide OSL No. 9136024. The centre is getting momentum every year with addition in facilities for calibration and testing of various new parameters with traceability of National NABL Accredited Laboratories. The services given by NRTC are very competitive and prompt to match with the national / international standardization. The centre is having a team of well qualified and experienced technical personnel. At present the NRTC is providing following services to the industries located in Himachal Pradesh and adjoining areas in the field of Calibration and testing :

1. Calibration:
*   Mechanical Calibration
*   Electro Technical Calibration
*   Thermal Calibration
2. Testing:
*  Electrical Testing
*  Electronics Testing
*  Environmental Testing
3. Manpower Outsourcing:
*  Scientific and Technical Manpower outsourcing to various Govt. Institutions in H.P.

List of Services
CALIBRATION FACILITIES Force /Torque Witschi Tester Amplifiers with input power 2000W and above
Vernier Caliper (Digital/Analog) Hardness Tester Turn Tester Electronic Musical Systems with input power 200W
Micrometer (Digital/Analog) (Rockwell/Brinell) Transformer Ratio Meter
Height Gauge Rubber/Shore Hardness Tester RTD Simulator Plasma/ LCD/ LED Television
Depth Gauge Tension Gauge Temperature Indicator Optical Disc Players with built in amplifier of input power 200W
Dial Thickness Gauge Electric Screw Driver Process
Dial Indicator (Plunger type) Tablet Hardness Tester pH meter Set Top Box
Dial Indicator (Lever type) Torque Gauge / Tester Conductivity meter Power Adaptors for Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus
Snap Gauge Torque Meter Stop watch
Measuring Scale/ Tape Push Pull Gauge Digital Timer SAFETY TESTING OF IT EQUIPMENT
(IS 13252 (Part 1) /IEC 60950)
Bore Gauge (Dial type) Force Gauge Counter
Radius Gauge THERMAL CALIBRATION Tachometer Laptop/ Notebook/ Tablets
Bevel & Angle Protector Thermometer (Glass/ Digital) Anemometer Visual Display Units; Video Monitors
Combination Set Infrared/ Laser Thermometer Flow-meter Printers/ Plotters/ Scanners
Feeler Gauge Dry & Wet Thermometer Gauss meter Wireless Keyboards
Measuring Pin Thermocouple (Upto 1000ºC) Sound level meter Telephone Answering Machines
Coating Thickness Gauge RTD / PRT (From -40ºC) TESTING FACILITIES Automatic Data Processing Machine
Foil Calibration Temperature Gauge (Upto 1000ºC) Electrical Cash Registers
Eye Piece Hygrometer Weighing Balance Point of Sale Terminals
Sprit Level Relative Humidity meter Load Cell (Weighing Balance) Copying Machine/ Duplicators;
Plain Plug Gauge Thermo-hygrometer Domestic Electric Food- Mixers Smart Card Readers
Plain Ring Gauge Oven Domestic Home appliances Passport Reader
Thread Plug Gauge Incubator (IS302-1-2008) Mail Processing Machines/ Postage Machines
Thread Ring Gauge Muffle furnace Electric Iron Franking Machines
Surface Roughness Master Temperature chamber Steam Iron Power Banks for use in Portable
Surface Plate Humidity chamber Electric Radiator Power Adaptors for IT Equipment Mobile Phones
Slip Gauge Blocks Environmental Chamber Electric Immersion Water Heater
Template/Try Square Low Temperature Chamber Electric instantaneous Water Heater ENVIRONMENTAL
Length Bar Temperature Calibrator Stationary storage type electric water heaters (All Electrical and Electronics Products)
Test Sieve ELECTRO TECHNICAL Electric Toaster Environmental Tests
Ford Cup Multi-meter Electric Kettles and Jugs Cold Test (-40˚ to ambient)
Density Cup Clamp meter Other Electrical Appliances as per IS 302 Dry Heat Test (ambient to 180˚C)
Magnetic V-Block Voltmeter (AC/ DC) High Voltage Test (Upto AC/DC 11 KV) Damp Heat (Cyclic) (20 % to 95% @ 20˚C to 70˚C)
Knuckle Gauge Ampere Meter (AC/DC) Low Resistance Tests (upto µΩ)
Calibration Slide Micro Ampere Meter (AC/DC) Wire/ Cable Testing Damp Heat (Steady) (20 % to 95% @ 20˚C to 70˚C)
Thread Pitch Gauge Milli Ampere Meter (AC/DC) UPS (Single Phase)
Pressure / Vacuum Ohm / Resistance Meter Inverters Vibration Test (Acceleration 1g to 50g , 1000kgf sine)
Pressure Gauge Milli / Micro Ohm Meter Dry Cells
Vacuum Gauge Frequency Meter Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Shock Test (upto 50 g, 2000kgf(peak))
Magnehelic Gauge Watt Meter Lead Acid Batteries for Automobiles Degree of Protection provided by Enclosures (Dust IP5X, IP6X)
Manometer Power Clamp Meter Currency/Note Counting Machine
Differential Gauge Power Analyser Needle & Syringe Destroyer Degree of Protection provided by Enclosure (Water: IPX1,IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IP X6)
Pressure Switch Power Factor Meter Table Fan
Pressure Transmitter LCR Meter Deflection Yoke MATERIAL / METALLURGICAL
Vacuum Switch Capacitance Meter Permanent Magnets Testing Rockwell / Brinell Hardness Test
Vacuum Transmitter IR Tester Portable Sterliser Micro-Hardness Test (Vicker’s)
Dead Weight Tester Milli Volt Calibrator Autoclave/Sterliser Surface Roughness Testing
Burst strength tester Multi-function calibrator (vertical/Horizontal/cylindrical/Rectangular)  
Compound Gauge AC/DC Voltage Source Environmental & Performance Test  
Mass / Volumetric Frequency Generator Solar Panel  
Laboratory Weights High Voltage Test Set Programmable Streetlight Control Switch)  
Laboratory Balance HV Probe with Meter Servo Transformer  
Dead Weight CRO Scientific Calculator  
Weighing Balance Decade Box (L/C/R) ELECTRONICS  
Flask / Beaker Kelvin Bridge Safety Testing of Electronics Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Appliances & Components (IS 616/IEC 60065)  
Burette/ Pipette/ Syringe Current Transformer  
Spring Balance Shunt  
Hydrometer (Sp. Gr.) Potential Transformer Electronic Games (Video)